Hello!! I'm Amy and welcome to this super special site made for me and Karen!! We are always asked by our members questions like “have you ever kissed a girl” or “do you ever think about girls in a sexual way?” but the truth is - I’m not bisexual or lesbian, I just like to have fun in front of the camera and make my members happy. I hope you enjoy this site, it was a lot of fun making it and I can’t wait to get together with Karen again sometime soon so we can update this thing!

Please join ;-) I need shoes!!
Lots of love, Amy xoxo
This isn’t my first time being photographed with another girl. Some of you who have been watching my modelling career develop may notice the crazy video I did with Stacey - that video is inside too. Please note this isn’t a hardcore lesbian site!! Im just being photo’d with my friend Amy, and we had a lot of fun even if it was just some kissing and touching - but I hope seeing me and her together is enough for you to join me inside ;-)

See you inside? Love ya!
Karen xxx

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